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Why ABS is Dangerous (And How to Disable It)

SOMETIMES, an idea that’s brilliant in theory is completely rubbish in practice. These ideas can include, but are not limited to, Marxist economics, Prohibition of alcohol in the ’30s, New Coke, the Ford Edsel, filling the Hindenburg with hydrogen, building … Continue reading

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Raise The Minimum Wage?

LAST night, I watched the premier episode of “30 Days” starring Morgan Spurlock of Super Size Me fame. In 30 Days, Morgan and his girlfriend attempt to spend 30 days living lifestyles completely different from their own. In the premier … Continue reading

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The Decline of Christmas

THIS marks the first year I’ve managed to make it almost two weeks after Thanksgiving without hearing a single Christmas carol from anyone, anywhere. No roving bands or families going from door to door and no groups at the malls. … Continue reading

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