IMG_1633Welcome to my website! I have hosted my collected information and commentary on a whole range of issues here for your perusal. In additional to professional and legal matters, I also keep a running commentary on a wide variety of personal affairs, current events, products, other people, and pretty much everything else that comes to mind.

I regularly read or watch the Dayton Daily News, Dayton Business Journal, Cincinnati Enquirer, BBC News, FOX News, RealClearPolitics, its sister sites RealClearMarkets and RealClearPolicy, local outlets WHIO and WDTN, and countless other blogs and news links. I promise to be as accurate and up-to-date as humanly possible when reporting on ongoing issues and commentary.

A YouTube channel is coming soon. Stay tuned.

Anyone is welcome to contact me or leave a comment on a blog post – questions, comments, or suggestions are all welcome. If there’s something you think I should read or check out, send it my way and I’ll be glad to take a look.