Contract Review: For Attorneys and Firms

reviewYou’re a partner in a small firm. Business is steady and growing and you’re putting in long hours. But on Friday morning, a business owner with a long-running retainer agreement walks in. He’s got several subpoenas from the prosecutor’s office in his hand, and he needs help going through the last seven years of payroll to determine what may have gone wrong. You and the client need to determine what exactly to turn over to the prosecutor, and you’ve got a week.

In addition to this massive stack of documents, you will need to conduct research on a new field of law, determine what case law is mandatory, and formulate a strategy for the inevitable trial.

Worse, this client has already made noise in the past about your firm’s fee schedules and rates. Doing the work yourself is impractical for this reason unless you decide to underbill your work. The paralegals and associates, who may have billed at a lower rate, are all booked solid next week.

As a licensed attorney in Ohio, I would like to offer you and your firm an alternative – the ability to hire an additional attorney on a temporary basis in order to assist in quickly sifting through documents, identifying relevant pieces of discovery, key topics of a case, important parties, summarizing cases, and conducting preliminary research.

This has the double benefit of not only getting the work done more quickly but also affords your firm a significant opportunity to lower your overhead that is typically associated with adding a new employee. If you are a practicing attorney or law firm who is interested in utilizing this service, please contact me at any time.